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About Nila Kidz School
In their early years children learn rapidly. They love to touch, to feel, to taste. They take in sounds, colours, expressions, aromas...It is important to recognize how every individual child relates to the environment and to other children and adults. At Nila Kidz Play School we understand the uniqueness of each child. The approach at Nila Kidz School is, therefore, invidualized, activity-based and age-appropriate.
The Ideology of Nila Kidz School draws invaluable insights from Waldorf and also from contemporary throught on child-development. These resources used with tact and love help the children develop their independence, spirit of enquiry and self-respect. They gain learning skills, the ability to work well with others and to lead.
Nila Kidz School
No.63, 3rd Cross,
Chellam Nagar,
Kumbakonam - 612001
91 - 94420 394251
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